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Here are a few of the testimonials and thank you notes Alyson has received for her work as a psychotherapist and life coach:
Alyson is a remarkable therapist and healer. I had the great fortune of being her client, and emphatically recommend her without reservation. She is profoundly non-judgmental, forward thinking, compassionate, creative and more than anything, the sort of remarkable listener that only comes along once in a blue moon. I loved working with Alyson and always left our sessions feeling hopeful. I greatly admire her compassion and throughout our work together, learned volumes about self-acceptance, life skills and relationships. Alyson helped me come to terms with the onslaught of a rather dramatic case of Bipolar Disorder and was most assuredly one of the key figures in my recovery and subsequent stability. She is bright, gifted and wise beyond her years. Those who choose to work with her in the future will likely be very grateful that they did.
I go to therapy when I meet a crisis that I can't handle alone. Alyson is a wonderful ally when I'm feeling overwhelmed and/or outnumbered, like my life has converged into a big knot that needs to be untied. Working with her is like working with a friend who has all the tools I need to figure out my dilemma. She has an easy, comforting style that is never intimidating or judgmental. I always feel like she is right with me and also feel free to ask her to clarify when I get lost or confused in my own craziness/work/journey...
Alyson made me feel at ease and I knew that I could trust her with issues I needed to address. She is sympathetic yet possesses a quality that gets right to the heart of the issue while exploring other areas I did not know existed! She helped tremendously and I use many tools I learned from her daily.
When my husband and I first started seeing Alyson, we were barely talking. We were living together, but it was like two ghosts inhabiting the same space. After several meetings with Alyson, the lines of communication started opening up. We went from being on the verge of divorce, to getting back the passion in our relationship in a way neither of us thought was possible.

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